"LIC 4BR total reno bsmt 2 skylite nr subway historic 1894 school bldg must see Lisa 347 613 0682", sheet rock, house paint, paper and joint compound dimensions,400 square ft, LIC, P.S.1/ MOMA, 2007

I built a dividing wall in the boiler room which functioned as a threshold. The piece was viewed through crude holes cut or punched into the Sheetrock. The interior was a series of divided rooms, the walls layered with wallpaper paint and newspaper. The size of the aperatures abstracted the space, flattening everything to image. After the exhibition I peeled all the paper from the walls and recycled the surfaces to make other paintings.

 view in one of the apertures     
 view in one of the apertures     
 view of the interior      
 interior with painted back board     
 Detail of interior